Significances Of Protecting Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is a kind of valuable yet unique thing in every different places. It is symbolized as an identity that can be shown to the entire world. Cultural heritage itself keeps our identity human because it creates a comprehension for the  cultural heritage preservation including the ;


  • cultural sites
  • old buildings
  • monuments




Culture and its heritage reflect the

  •  values
  • beliefs
  • aspirations

Defining the people’s national identities it is important to preserve the cultural heritage since it keeps our integrity as a human. The importance of the cultural heritage is not the cultural manifestation itself but rather the various kinds of knowledge and skills that is transmitted through it from one generation to another generation. Moreover , the social and economic value of this transmission of knowledge is nearly relevant for minority groups and for mainstream social groups within a state , and yet is as important to develop the state throughout the current moments .


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